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George the Giraffe

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ORDER NOW AND SEND LATER! Right after checkout, you'll receive a link to record your message and write your card. After that you can choose your desired shipping date (either ASAP or in the future) and location!  Limited Time Only: Free Shipping! 


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Yes, it is! Inside of each cute little plush is a small voice box with button. When you squeeze its heart, the button is activated, and your message plays!

Processing takes about 2-3 days and after that shipping domestically takes about 2-3 days via USPS Priority Mail. So in total, a little bit less than a week!

Yes! You can schedule for up to a year in advance. After checkout, we'll ask you when you'd like your SmileMail to arrive.

A few things! For one, there is a small card which you can personalize and write a note. There is also a little card that says "Press my heart for a special smessage from somebody who's thinking about you."

After you checkout you will receive a link to record your voice message, write your card, and enter the shipping information for where/to who we send your SmileMail!

Up to 2 minutes!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for any defects and if your SmileMail didn't make your recipient's day.

They are about 5" tall. The perfect height to cuddle with or leave sitting on your nightstand.