The Deployment Countdown

The Deployment Countdown is designed specifically for families looking to support a service member who is deployed. Mail is the #1 thing that service members look forward to when deployed, and our mission is to help boost your loved-one's moral with the surprise of your voice (and your families)! 

We offer a variety of packages for different situations, ranging from 2 SmileMails/Month to 4 SmileMails/Week. Every month (or week) you will be emailed voucher codes to be redeemed on the SmileMail app when creating your loved-one's card. These codes are transferable, and people will usually share their codes with families and friends so that everyone can take turns sending your service member some love. The more frequent your subscription, the cheaper the price, and we are excited to offer this very affordable tool to help your loved-one feel closer to home! 

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