Open When Letters



Introducing the SmileMail “Open When” voice recorded cards. With this bundle, your loved-one will be given 10 cards to open when they need it most, such as “Open when you need a laugh” or “Open when you miss me” or “Open when you need strength.” When opened, they will hear your voice message play, and it is guaranteed to lift their spirits (and maybe even evoke a few tears!). By the time they open all of your cards, they will have keepsakes to last a lifetime. Imagine finding these 10 years down the road, and what that would mean to both of you. 



One of the best parts about this timeless gift is how easy it is to create. After you purchase the package on our site, you will be given instructions on how to create your “Open When” bundle within our app. Our guide will take you through choosing what to say and recording your messages for each "Open When" card. Then we do all of the work for you after that! We will make and ship your bundle within 2-3 business days. We can either send it to you, so that you can give this gift in person, or send it directly to your loved-one!

When we thought of this idea, we were so excited to create it. We truly can’t imagine a more heartfelt, sincere, or personalized gift. This is something you and your loved-one can treasure forever, and they will always be there to take you through the tough times, and reminisce on during the good stretches. Better yet, this gift works for any occasion: Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, you name it!

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