What happens when I purchase on the website?

When you checkout through our website, you will be emailed voucher codes to be redeemed on the app! For example, if you purchase a subscription you will be sent a code (i.e. ABC123) which you will enter after customizing your SmileMail on the app!

What are SmileMail cards made out of?

Our cards are made from top of the line 100# Mohawk Paper and printed on a professional printer. This is more than just a card, it is a gift.

How secure is the information that is shared?

All the information that you provide us is confidential, stored securely, and is only shared with the card recipient.

How loud are the voice recordings?

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the loudest, your card will play at about a 7. So the card is just loud enough for the recipient to hear it clearly, but not so loud where people in their vicinity can hear it.

Where are your cards assembled?

Our cards are handmade and assembled in Los Angeles, CA.

How is the voice recording included in the SmileMail card?

The voice recording is transferred to a small chip, behind a third panel of the card. The chip plays the recording when the card is opened.

How many times will my card play the audio recording?

SmileMails are guaranteed for life. If a card stops working, let us know and we will send another!

Can I use a SmileMail card for other uses besides sending to the Armed Forces?

Absolutely! You can send cards to anyone in the U.S.A.

Where are the designs from?

Our designs are from a variety of artists handpicked by SmileMail! When you create a card, you can learn more about the designer by selecting “View Back”

How long does it take SmileMail to reach my loved one?

Your card will be created and sent within 2 business days via USPS First Class Mail. Shipping time varies depending on the recipient’s location, however your card should be received within about a week! 

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