Greeting Cards With Your Voice

sent in the mail and made from an app

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Snail-Mail Meets Voice-Mail

With SmileMail, your loved one gets the surprise of a card in the mail (there's nothing better), and the card plays your voice message when opened!

Send From Anywhere

Even better, create your card on-the-go using our app. We take your design selection, voice recording, and photo to make and mail a card for you!

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Really High Quality

SmileMail cards are handmade in the U.S. using heavy cardstock paper. Your photo is adhered to the inside of the card, giving a homemade, yet professional, look and feel.

Choose from a variety of simplistic, yet beautiful designs curated from partnerships with indy greeting card studios.

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How Purchasing SmileMails Work

When you checkout through our website, you will be emailed voucher codes to be redeemed on the app! For example, if you purchase a Card Pack you will be sent a code (i.e. ABC123) to enter after customizing your SmileMail on the app! You can also purchase a single SmileMail directly through our app.

The Perfect Gift for the holidays

"Open When" Letters Bundle (10)
"Open When" Letters Bundle (10) "Open When" Letters Bundle (10) "Open When" Letters Bundle (10) "Open When" Letters Bundle (10) "Open When" Letters Bundle (10)

With this bundle, your loved-one will be given 10 cards to open when they need it most, such as “Open when you need a laugh” or “Open when you miss me.” When opened, they will hear your voice message play, and it is guaranteed to lift their spirits (and maybe even evoke a few tears!). Click here to learn more!