voice recorded greeting cards - made from an app

Snail-Mail Meets Voice-Mail

With SmileMail, your loved one gets the surprise of a card in the mail (there's nothing better), and the card plays your voice message when opened!

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Send From Anywhere

Even better, create your card on-the-go using our app. We take your design selection, voice recording, and photo to make and mail a card for you!

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Really High Quality

SmileMail cards are handmade in the U.S. using heavy cardstock paper. Your photo is adhered to the inside of the card, giving a homemade, yet professional, look and feel.

Choose from a variety of simplistic, yet beautiful designs curated from partnerships with indy greeting card studios.

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How Purchasing SmileMails Work

When you checkout through our website, you will be emailed voucher codes to be redeemed on the app! For example, if you purchase a subscription you will be sent a code (i.e. ABC123) which you will enter after customizing your SmileMail on the app! 

For the Military

Our mission is to help military families keep in touch during deployment. We offer various packages, such as the Deployment Countdown, to help boost your loved-one's moral when they are away from home.

Real Testimonials from Real People

"Sending Nate a SmileMail card was just what he needed. Using the app, it literally took 2 minutes to do. I chose the design, spilled my feelings, uploaded a picture and wrote a little something. 5 days later, he’s opening it and hearing what I had to say. He loved it and even took note to send me one in the future. This type of love lettering is perfect in this season of life with little kids, his line of work, and not much time to ourselves. It was so easy but meant so much!"

– Maxine

"The app is great! I love how easy it is to navigate everything. It’s definitely user friendly. What a great way to send a personal card to someone you love whether near or far right from your phone. I believe this is a great bridge between old and new modes of communication. I can’t wait to make more with my kids!"

– Sheena

It was so great- I cannot tell you how happy the finished product made me! It arrived the day my husband was leaving for a short deployment. He opened it, heard the kids voices, and had the biggest grin on his face. He absolutely loved it. "Thank you so much for creating this product. I am sure it will make many other people as happy as it made us!"

– Kristyn B.

"I showed my best friends the card in our group chat and they LOVED it!! I’m gonna tell everyone I know about it!! My cousin is in a long distance relationship too and I’m gonna tell him about this!"

– Katie

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